The angels

Meet the angels

The Angel Investors in Uppsala are five dedicated business-people who have a burning excitement for entrepreneurship. The Angels' goals are to increase knowledge about entrepreneurship and contribute to more businesses starting in Sweden.

Photographer: Pär Eriksson, ArtEco

magnus svart neutral

Magnus Hasselteg

Runs Viva Media Group

Magnus is a businessman down to his very fingertips who can most often be found on the move. Magnus's main focuses are within marketing, digitalizing and automation. In the past year he has been employed by Google, among others, as a lecturer at their international events and helped thousands of offices in over 20 countries. Stylishly dressed, he makes sure that the Angels uphold quality on the digital and business fronts.

Kaija svart neutral

Kaija Carlson

Runs Uppdrag köket

Kaija has her roots in the food industry and has, together with her husband, built one of the country’s most profitable ICA shops before she committed herself fully to her business. Kaija is a thoughtful angel but is also mercilessly clear, demanding and critical. She is often not as dangerous as she sounds and demands that everyone feel good.

Thomas svart neutral

Thomas Sonesson

Runs Montree

Thomas has been an entrepreneur his entire life and is now both an investor and professional board member for several successful businesses. Thomas is also the Angels’ head-of-the-board and wise man. He is busy with keeping the Angels in check and makes sure that everything is correct. Thomas is analytical and a little reserved, but when he speaks everyone listens.


John Lundqvist

Founder of The Friendly Swede

John is relaxed and thoughtful. He’s more casual, and it's not always easy to know which brackets to fit him in. As the experienced investor in several companies, he often asks the tough and revealing questions. John has a glimmer in his eyes and if he has something to say it is definitely thought-out.

Maria svart neutral

Maria Mattsson Mähl

Runs AlphaCE

Maria is brimming with energy and shines of a passion for life. She has in the span of only four years built her company from the ground up at incredible speed and today oversees a quarter billion SEK. Maria is spontaneous, energetic and has a sharp wit. She is the source of some completely unpredictable comments that she throws in with a smile on her lips.