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Enter the competition and make your business concept a reality!

Företagsänglarna is a TV-program and a competition in entrepreneurship where future entrepreneurs, inventors and visionaries gets the chance to fulfill their business concepts. The jury will select a winner that will get assistance to start their company, on top of which there is also the chance to attract more investment from the angel investors.

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Uppdrag köket

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Uppsala - City of entrepreneurs

Uppsala has historically been known for its academics and its university rather than the entrepreneurial strength of the city.

But recently the city has burst out of the shadow of the nation’s capital. Many of the country's most successful international companies such as MySQL, Klarna, Skype and Daniel Wellington have connections to or were created in Uppsala. In addition to this there are many expansive businesses within the biotech and medical industry arisen from the old Pharmacia, not to mention the budding gaming industry in Uppsala.

Exciting things are happening in Uppsala and the city is literally teeming with ideas of various projects. Cooperation between the university and the private sector is developing rapidly and the Företagsänglarna is one of its initiatives. Uppsala is one of the cities with the best business-advantages in all of Europe. Greater and greater numbers are realizing both the potential and the lack of obstacles that Uppsala has to offer to provide an optimal effect.

Welcome to Entrepreneurs’ City Uppsala.