In addition to the competition, the Angels are always interested in investing in good ideas together with their driven entrepreneurs. Do your idea have what it takes? Enter Uppsala’s biggest competition for entrepreneurs!

The competition

All contestants will perform a 45-second pitch to the Angels. Practice your pitch and get the chance to ...

  • 30 000 kr in starting capital
  • Free access to an office for one year by Ihus
  • Free membership and access to a work place at Drivhuset
  • Free membership in Uppsala’s biggest business network Relation
  • Semifinalists gets a voucher for a total of 10.000 kr (incl VAT) from BDO

You are welcome on casting the 22th of April in V-Dala, Uppsala, 09.00 am-11.00 am.

At 15.00 pm the same day, the results will be announced. The semi finals will take place the 11th of May on the evening, and the finale the 10th of June, daytime.

Who can participate?

Who can apply to the competition? There are no restrictions. Anyone with a business idea can participate, regardless of whether the idea is in the conception stage or if you have already started your business. All are equally welcome.

Who can watch Företagsänglarna?

Företagsänglarna will be aired via YouTube in September 2017. Asides from YouTube the goal is to broadcast the series on different channels both locally and nationally. Information about the project’s progress can be found on this website.

About the business

Business is the lifeblood of society and generates growth and development. The more people engage themselves in business, the better the business climate, and the more advantages we have to ensure Sweden's welfare.

Företagsänglarna is one of many projects to encourage business in Sweden. Regardless of whether you show your interest through Företagsänglarna or in some other way support business, you are an important part in building a stronger Sweden.

Over here!

Do you study at the Uppsala University?
If so, you can get assistance to sharpen your pitch before you stand infront of The Angels for the first time! At the UU Innovation, you can for example get advice on how to protect your ideas, and much more.

You can also get personal coaching during these days: 19th of April and 21th of April, 13.00 pm-16.00 pm. Are you interested? Contact our business advisor Ulrika Gunnarsson to make an appointment:

Application 2017 is closed

We're back in 2018.



The casting will be watchable over Youtube. We are also working on making it watchable on various play-channels, both locally and nationally.


If you study at Uppsala University, you can get assistance with your pitch at the UU Innovation.

You can also get advice and personal coaching.